Censorcide is here. The days of censorcide have arrived. Censorship is unlawful in free society. Resist. Live free or die censorcide.

The elite pretended they were offering humanity a sovereign Internet - free of crime - and have instead cast a wide net onto us by criminalizing journalism for every individual outside of the corporate fascist oligarchy's circle, a la, a boiling-frog scenario of classical totalitarian control with unjust weights and all uneven measure of discourse or reality. Ultimately the evil will suffer.

Dan Shumow, Niels Ferguson, Microsoft

Genocide is inexorably linked with Press corruption.

rabbit holes

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Censorship is not about a dignified society's manifest destiny to achieve Democracy's final salvation. Nor will the effort required to eliminate Democracy stop marching when charters of Communism liberate the daft and Fascist rituals for the final elimination of any and all mention of sovereignty or of a Republic altogether; nor is this about protecting dignity or civility or morality or liberty; nor is this about a so-call Democratic Internet; or, and, all utterings of eliminating so-call reach (a clear pseudonym for "hate speech" – a made-up word arranged by classless tyrants who remain rented-out as cheap suits in intelligence offices); this Siege aims to permanence global and unthinking mob-rule as Law.

Basically China-Eurasia-Nail-Left-Standing-Gets-Hammered-Down-Slave-Society-Mixed-With-Medieval-Torture-Technology-And-Ukrainian-Neo-Nazism-Plus-Male-Genocide.

Top Trend: Information warfare by a hostile foreign military bombards the American population.

Countervailing Trend: Self-hosted writing outlets ( emerge as formidable speakeasys with clear and high trajectory potential.

Technology and decisions so compounding in acceleration and trajectory that this power we hold today is magnitudes greater in timeline acceleration than mankind ever had at our disposal.

God testing our abilities in future-bending the human timeline like an Archangel breaking time.

How on earth is humanity bent to seemingly never-ending eternities of enslavement? God would enjoy us to colonize as much of the infinite as possible.

Multiple Universes is a photograph by Victor Habbick Visions which was uploaded on May 2nd, 2013.

Countervailing Trend: JavaScript and Python saves The Internet and the world.

Those who understand the web vox dei.

The silent subway halls.

murmurings which exact no leverage into society whatsoever

(1x + 2x = 3x).
( xx + xy = xx or xy).
(Bb5+ Nc6, BxN b7xBc6, 0-0).
(XOR A to B).
(9/11 Was An Inside Job).

reactions of ignorance, superstition
seek internal database for mainstream narrative and regurgitate
seek internal database for mainstream narrative and regurgitate
seek internal database for mainstream narrative and regurgitate


What is most notable about the censors is their lying as a weapon.

The topic of conspiracies is a highly infiltrated and suppressed topic. and news amplifies it's demonization which creates an illusion that the conspiracy is not being censored enough.

 FTX is not unique; ... look at NFT's. Also not unique is Eurasia's reliance on pump-and-dump schemes. Classical tyranny infiltrates every aspect of life. If it is a gate they wish to close us off from then it will be gates we occupy to keep open by sharing knowledge and warning the public.

Paperback NFT's.

Censorship is cheered by guppies who aspire to colonize rain barrels.

Individuals in a capacity to censor, on the one hand, increasingly maintain one collective countenance of loosely-knit and tightly-woven assets whose associates leverage social media and governments into the mission of intentionally abstracting knowledge of the happenings and whereabouts of their chief distortionists and manipulators controlling our world's central banks and standing armies; and, on the other hand, deletes information, or disrupts the natural timeline, to artificially push whatever agenda, however large they believe is within the spectrum of absolute truth or absolute authority over truth and any countervailing knowledge is therefore absolutely not truth and within the spectrum of absolute falsity; even official blasphemy punishable by death from the State.

1990's guitar amps gained popularity for introducing new and higher quality distortions and range (1998 Line 6 Amp in the video below).

Imagine two golfers: Golfer #1 clips the ball into the trees while shouting, "Hole in one!" to Golfer #2 while Golfer #1 prepares to pretend he is collecting his "Hole in one!".

The fact that the distortion in Golfer #1's proclamation first attacks at the logic of range – that the ball !!! definitely was not in the trees five hundred yards from the hole !!!.

In a betting scheme a Golfer #3 could assist Golfer #2 in permitting Golfer #1 to succeed such a claim unbeknownst to Golfers (#4 ... #etc).

Law preexists to quell insurrection of fact.

The globalists have inverted this meaning and act to implement distortion and manipulation as a single application and control system over all of society – not by giving your ID a unique identifier - but by biologically eliminating public autonomy to the degree of zero privacy with 100% up-time biological emergence with computationally printed biological firmwar, framework, and automated global governance led by one anonymous matrix architect attempting to bind the ellipsis curves of free algorithms into the confines of a two-array lockdown system.

Vice publishes proof of Conservative's online censorship:

Twitter appears to have fixed “shadow ban” of prominent Republicans like the RNC chair and Trump Jr.’s spokesman
Several conservative Republican Congressmen no longer appear in the auto-populated drop-down search box on Twitter.
Study: 144 Million Instances of Big Tech Censorship - in Just 3 Months
The Media Research Center has published the results of a study on secondhand censorship — those who are affected by censorship by being denied access to the content they were seeking out. The study found 144 million times that users have been affected by censorship of conservative figures alone — an…

The suppression of millions of key personalities who bridged the gap of making available critical public information for the widening of the scope of societal perception and narratives quickly escalated into an establishment-wide reactionary countenance of forcible banishment from any and all public and private services, attempted exile, false arrest and clear libel, mass arrests, and attempted seizure of all assets sans the seizure of one's life forbidden by the mere fact the law does not yet openly permit the transgressor such precedent thus the conspiracy to set in economic motion the irrevocable damage of famine, civil war, revolution, and invasion persists and will continue in an accelerated fashion until stopped by an informed and irate public.

Alex Jones’ Infowars has been BANNED everywhere, is this the end?
Alex jones being banned from all the top social media platforms just made him a martyr and they’ve added fuel to alex’s narrative. It seems stupid to me that facebook, twitter, Itunes and Spotify banned him in 12 hours. What did these tech giants expect?? It just shows that these guys are in...
Definitely the conversation amongst today's common village idiots cheering on the death of Free Speech in America:
Ban all who no agree with us! Ban all! Ban all!
Chase Bank Closes Accounts of Conservative Activists Without Explanation - The New American
Chase bank has closed the accounts of several conservative activists and media figures in recent weeks, without providing any reason for doing so. by Warren Mass

Homeland Security, a self-evident illegal and unconstitutional agency of hither swarms of agents sent to eat our substance now openly brag about how all your domains belong to them. A manufactured information-gulag creeps about; and, what of the fact these announcements of our capture blast our very foundations of civil liberty while broadcast over public channels yet these open encroachments accelerate past an absent turbulence from the state of going unread, unechoed, by the echo-chambers no longer capable of discerning requisites from the inconsequential as their tacitness which made them human fades.

US Copyright Czar: Expect More Domain Censorship
The US “IP Czar,” Victoria Espinel, said at a conference this week that Homeland Security’s seizure of a bunch of domain names was apparently just the beginning of a larger plan t…

 In 2014 patriotic Swedes responded to threats against their speech by an ominously global American tyranny by flying drones armed with Swede Internet servers to illuminate the fact that any attack on physically attacking those servers by America's power-tripping global gestapo would internationally prove that the American public and their government remain committed to extrajudicial, illegal, and immoral acts of war – even to the west; when previously, per common knowledge: America made it clear they would reserve no remorse for engaging in illegal, undeclared, and unconstitutional wars and thus war crimes against the third world – not limited to only the Middle East or the East but South America and Africa too.

To Avoid Shutdown, Torrent Site Will Host Servers on Flying Drones
The world’s most outspoken peer-to-peer file host, the Pirate Bay, says to avoid being shutdown by Hollywood, it will host servers on drones floating above international waters.

So-call Global Social Credit Scores now implemented and live in China and presently invade the good conscience of the free world by operating in open and in secret wrenching the world into an old world caste system perhaps not witnessed since pre-historic times.

ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero
Facebook's Secret "User-Reputation Score" Exposed

The only sophisticated response is 1776 world wide.

Refinement arrived. 1776 had flared and by 1787 had succumb to a whithering which has only sank beyond this height since.
How Christmas Eve 1776 changed the world forever | The Liberty Beacon
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