Memetic Warfare To Reclaim The Web

Use IRC to overthrow censorship. IRC technology is available to us now.

 When the Internet was wild and free: IRC and live chat dominated online culture which resulted in a lively Internet culture of white-hat and black-hat hackers. In a sense the big tech social media giants can claim some sort of moral leadership in creating an echo chamber that keeps people safe from the trojan horses found anywhere else on the Internet. In practice we witness an anarcho-communist type of contempt toward successful dreams and human imagination.

IRC inspired a hacking arms race.

 A true white-hat culture was born and the black-hats were the bad guys (or were they?), or, most of them were or something; although, many white-hats likened their self to a true black-hat simply due to their tactical ability and pure sense of mastering a fun hobby. Others outright rejected any titles whatsoever assosiciated with their artform of hacking.

Black-hats were certainly not our government – or were they?

(Those mice are engaged in online covert action everywhere too.)

 Sites like were chock-full of real government documents and esoteric knowledge to trove thru. Censorship in this early Internet era was mostly limited to random individuals moderating a self-hosted IRC server for the sole purpose of preventing anyone from surreptitiously spamming the channel in which case users could be temporarily muted or IP-banned – really important to note that this is happening at the discretion of an individual who prefers not to mute or ban anyone and this is not being done by a consortium of corporations and the governments of the world implementing rules by decree of the central bankers of the world. People filtered information via their own imagination & wit and not according to who had the most followers or who was identified by the social engineers as someone to verify as a radiant and brilliant god amongst all lesser forms of man including the influencers, mortals, and useless eaters. Somehow the IRC's dissipated, the live chatrooms like AOL and Yahoo disappeared and a new culture of mindless following and normalcy bias would dominate popular culture leaving any clear thinking individual wondering how the Internet came to suck so bad compared to how it once imbued humanity with a certain sense of urgency and diplomacy unparalleled in totality of humanity's prior existence.

In a sense there persists a real sense of urgency to restore order on the net and do things which are advantageous for free speech.

 People should rush off and make moderated IRC channels everywhere again. They should be popularized and frequented by an informed public who can use this decentralized method of confidently assembling individuals for sharing accurate and inspired truthful information. With one small Internet server all of the world could freely participate 24/7 in live debate uncensored by the elites.

We live under this illusion that perhaps an iron-clad cluster of central thinkers control the consolidation of information on the Internet with censorshop when it is the fact people have no concept of leadership to look onto for direction.

Only an IRC server can be a true town square of the Internet.

 Good IRC moderation requires morally-driven individuals who control the flow of messaging times to allow the majority of that IRC channel's participants to witness a live and stimulating debate where people are challenged to respond to the channel's instant messaging with the most intelligent thoughts of their own and what I have just transcribed is the most basic concept humanity could grasp to immediately unite our planet and have an entirely new earth of liberty tomorrow as though the very concept of the global tyranny's structure dissolved into obsolescence instantly and worldwide.

 All lesser forms of infiltrating the matrix via strategic commenting on any large globalist platform is necessary and carries with it a potential to reach critical mass quicker simply due to the fact quantum entanglement exists and human consciousness can connect like mycelium in faster-than-light operations. We live in a non-linear reality – where death is the one true linear fate of us all and how we connect is the non-linear skeleton key into overthrowing global tyranny.

IRC technology is available to us now and there is no reason humanity should not first use this tool to circumvent all censures.