Content Deposes Noise

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Content Deposes Noise
Even despair follows joy.
Encouraging good behavior is content. Discouraging good behavior is noise.

Applying this phrase in a large game of telephone would result in war.

I want the interplanetary galaxy of liberty!

Be as hardcore as you can possibly be!
  1. Incubate
  2. Build
  3. Finish
  4. Polish

There once were more practical and honest search engines!

Old Search Engines

It is as though the Internet conspired to fade away.

Millions fled blogging for digesting the headlines from the toilet paper of record.

People relate to information that feels personal to them.

Relationships destroy division.

Logic itself requires relationships be made. Who determines which logic stays truth or which logic commits official blasphemy worthy of exile or rendition? The knowledge of making a free speech platform is the most essential knowledge right now. People just assume it is not possible anymore and make excuses for big tech's constant amoral censorship. Let the search engines contend with the consequence of our free speech and let the echo chambers be directly subjugate to informational assault by the resonant chambers our speech unleashes upon the geopolitical battlesphere.

"Hate Speech and Freedom of Reach" are Made-Up Terms with Zero Basis in Reality - Invented by Eugenicists and Totalitarians Inherently Opposed to Civilization, Free Society, or Literature. Image accessed 5 Monday December 2022 via that site that will hook it's website's fangs into this website when I type it's .com into my website's page as though it's mention were permission to instantiate an instantaneous agreement via private property contractWrite 100% W3C Valid HTML & CSS. to initiate their default Terms of Service to commandeer my website server's resources for any unit of time or reason whatsoever as though my server's resources were Agent Smith'd into their enterprise and etherspace of the Internet.

Pseudonyms like hate speech or freedom of reach are designed by corporate fascists to divide logic into an ownership hierarchy wherein the individual no longer owns Free Speech and merely partakes in obeying some ridiculous and onerous and pious disciplinary ritual.

Writing a book broke my brain; adding five hundred words ten times to a five hundred word post is the new normal in this fast tech age with centuries of compounded knowledge being openly demonstrated.

Why is The Internet being used in a global martial-law timeline?

Government "aid" is when a group of thieves seize ownership of all official narratives.

A dog is dying to be excited to be alive.

The dog never left the phantom zone.

PR firms clandestinely destroying relationships ... builders constructing false narratives ... latently concealed like an active mainstream media force-field in lock-step with unified press narratives and the concealing of dark truths from the public within the operations and veils of illumination by which they manifest against us persistent coordinate missions of subterfuge - not at the level of small organized crime but within the power of iron fistedness worse than any government.

Covert political action or online covert action is a nasty scourge on social media. NAVSEA: the likely culprit; make the relational connection between the military-industrial-complex and those who own big tech Social Media.

Some chain of architecture plays a role in tesselating noise into popular culture. Photo by Rodney Matthews

Noise cannot be king where content is king.

Ugly counter-culture devoid of talent seeks to embody noise as though it should conquer content forever. Content is always king thus their inspiration is not in competitive building but rather sabotage and official corruption.

Truth is revealed by what corrupt governments hate. If you believe in an Internet where truth is not criminalized and the spirit of free society goes unabridged then you should care about what is required of humans to know what a free world means and what that government's architecture is not supposed to be. Where we are available for our technological talents can be aimed like a waterhose to assemble one to another in likeness and eschew and quell state insurrections and state powers and further ignite public awakenings to these methods of injustice opposed to common will so that they might learn who these sources of control remain subject to and that these obtuse methods they employ will vacate society immediately. The tyrant wants to hear a unified confirmation and they will instead hear stones.
"How much control is this idea giving you?" -BruhSpeakerWhoFeelsEnlightenedBecauseTheyPreachAboutKetamine

What an underpowered inquiry.

Not that their would not be applicability in a question but that the question is posited counter to the idea of a creator of the universe or that the universe itself is not a circular string of logic with infinite joinings or a pure drip of content emitting noise only at it's shadows.

How much control can one release when applying knowledge and ideas into human action?

In that regard the builder produces content and the destroyer cannot even make noise.

Builders build the platform; destroyers ban the builder to seize control over the narratives that the builders would otherwise make clear understanding before the public; to disguise their genocides as frequent coups; to smear information and people while maintaining strong focus on keeping specific assets dominating the field of approved narratives and timelines; and, always at opportune moments, e.g., prior to elections, real or theater, end of a decade, or moments of chaos or contemplation as opportunities to make desiring unelected tyrants a popularly passionate and defendable and envious trait to conceitedly flaunt as if they were an infinite sparkling of eternal wealth and equivalent authority and power to rule over the lower castes with divine right.

Technocracy. Total Control. "Captain, this here matrix prison algorithm has perfectly kept fifty-one million years in perfect order with this octohedral prison state. The facets contain the trajectory of the paradigm perfectly well, indeed. Our firmament is now impossible to escape. All timelines, thanks to Taco Bell Incorporated, are on course for an additional uninterrupted fifty-one million years of iDominance. We thank all ancestors for making us able to farm humans and star travel forever. The sadness of humanity's spirit enables us perfectly."

Would anyone not expect humanity to arc into a strange star-traveling timeline where a breakaway civilization wants to bag the other civilization like a duck and then stuff them into a gem located on a pocket-sized ring for eternity?

Social media has very obviously instituted the new corporate fascist oligarchy. Inflation makes the day feel like the medieval times while the technology society still maintains feels like extra weight impelling us to go where we must.

Power-structures will feel defeated by the exercise of these citizen powers and will consequently always resort to violence to reassert their own cancerous feelings of control by measuring the total fear of them as their only truthy metric for understanding the present supremacy of their own iron state power. They will not shut up the Internet.

Society worldwide in that regard is contaminated with a growing field of toxic sludge in the form of global corporate fascism made out to be some hip and trendy feat or height of intelligence to recognize or suddenly understand before the others while feigning big-leg coolness with an extremely unconvincing Communist-lean and especially undeveloped demonstration of English grammar. Photo by Philippe Druillet.

Americans made The Internet advanced; governments commandeered The Internet into a vice for squeezing elections and human lives and if you wanted to know what it were like on the wrong end of one of their Internet-induced government coups then this is where we enter at Sunday 1 January 2023; thinking back to the early wild west Internet of 1998, for example, where some type of higher society were tangibly present and indefacto power - this is gone, or their signal is currently being scattered into noise by the informational modulation devices distilling human consciousness into social engineering algorithms as though our concerns were better heat-graphed into oblivion and our actions better put toward maintaining a new Internet of total control, complete with swinging hammers from the financial industry, sweeping dragnets of criminalized thought from the covert spy agencies and all allowed by the progeny of free men whose stewardship often hung authoritarians.

Whatever the landscape can be described as - it is astro-turf tesselations of social media liars and corporate fascists singing songsheets of tyranny.

If George Washington is a Classical Liberal then these fake-types like Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Milo, Laura Loomer, Dan Crenshaw, Tim Pool, Jack Posobiec, Mitt Romney, Dick Cheney, Zachari Klawonn who pretend to be America's last voice while championing some latent national socialist, foreign-aid induce, barbarism coma devoid of liberty as articulated by our founders in constitution and practice or certainly there would be no private property as if any of their audiences who wrap them in riches and deliver them some type of feeling of political relevance are the people who would ever be found in a trench fighting for American liberty or leading the new constitutional convention to restore every last inch of our Constitution and lands; people presuming they were not the literal balkanization army tricked into supporting the new installment of the military-industrial-complex spearheaded by The State Department and it's entire national security establishment in a long covert war to dispel and sabotage the grassroots liberty movement who long before identified the astro-turfs who could never decipher ahead of time or admit was currently happening that in the scheme of things they wear the striped clown suits as admirals aboard the fast-approaching clown ship and it were us the earthlings who burned the fire of liberty in our hearts that contest the old world ways of oligarchical conformists who favor a society of inarticulate and unwise men at open hostility against articulate and wise men who follow just laws and free society.

Timeline Wars

What is consistent in the artificial narrative pushers is the theme of an instant social percolation both in the individual's finances and global network-wide access or reach: top influence spanning the scope of the world in obviously concurrent strategic timelines to make coverings over layers of truth: to give the illusion of semi-official-official story at one level to keeping the truth from reaching a higher trajectory by stopping natural popularity as the truth carries with it promises to those who will believe thus the war of believers centers around the arena of popular culture and winning the culture war is a high-prize or nefarious losers like the C.I.A. who use culture to generate an ever ascending trajectory of battlefield awareness though no organization financing the proliferation of falsehoods and cultivation of outright public rejection could possibly withstand maintaining profitability under the widespread barrage of individuals publishing the truth. They assassinate physical and online characters. They demoralize groups by relating each layer of knowledge to a named target-group. Thou shall not articulate proper Constitutional Economic and Foreign Policy to these so-call super-beings. Such a reality of excluding central banks or intelligence agencies from government angers their bosses. A world of zero taxation and infinite wealth? How could they ever articulate that?

There is a wide circus of this false leadership coating every spectrum of politics as slime such that publicly articulating the true intent, image, and nature, of what represents these titles and divisions is banned from "big tech" platforms while these false representations are promoted and glad-handed with ease by seemingly fluff surface-level topics while simultaneously avoiding Economic and Foreign Policy.

Big Tech builds large containers and forces us to talk in the shape of that container in collusion with authoritarian governments for official rendition and other human rights violations. Chiefly: the ability to censor is what shows them how to administer every other act of authoritarian control. In combination with heat graphs and so-call intelligence services they brainwash or kill the public into a state of believing noise as fact and revolting at the idea of hearing content generated by the human imagination.

Suspension from public platforms and services, aka censorship, is ultimately the result of one's own narratives exceeding the limited parameters set by the algorithm architects. Their entire system is so limited that a bulk of their "AI" is manual human input - is it a shovel or AI?

Maintaining a tool whose purpose carries with it global implications including the ability of total narrative control. Publicizing tyrannical plans and then succeeding those plans is a loop humanity is stuck in and amounts to mankind following a trajectory like it were an inner-court of debate conceptually entangling them into a quantum field devoid of meaning.

Therefore enlightenment must reach the people if they are to ever abandon an unthinking desire for our world to be corralled and eventually ruled by authoritarian technocrats whose own written boastings plan for a 99% reduction of the human race.

To be totally honest big tech capitalizes on the fact that the public lacks education and society's decay is proof of that [fact].

Understanding how to deploy your own voice on your own platform, on your own website, on your own server, without big-brother social media pseudo-government breathing down one's neck or threatening to delete one's work or coercing one's friends to cancel you is sensitive information in a censored world.

Being deleted can mean total loss.

People believe it is a coincidence that legal suicide coincides with the popular idea of so-call "uploading" one's self to a hard-drive ("meta verse") - what an elaborate scheme to prematurely donate billions of bodys to "science" in the form of a corporate fascist global government.

It should be clear to anyone involved in the tech-industry for any length of time that there are Jedis and Darth Vaders.

Google removed their "Don't Be Evil" Clause which presambly and previously dominated Google culture with said Clause boldly displayed within Google Headquarters.

(Unknown Photographer)

The wave of global draconian censorship immediately followed as though a fascist government had entered big tech offices and began their covert military roll-out of orders and operations.

The enemy is rather blood-drunk, incensed, over-confident, and wrathful.

They will be humbled.

MUSIC: Paul Oakenfold,

Setting up one's website or free speech platform protected by battle-tested free speech advocates future-proofs one's platform and website (sans vicious authoritarian governance) while maintaining increased influence in society by demonstrating knowledge without interruption and deserving the free advertising committed by a responsive public.

Therefore understanding how to stay online and have one's free speech protected is the single most valuable chain of information and adventure still available on the Internet.

"Awaiting orders Captain." (Art by Vincent DiFate.)

One must see our world as eerie to navigate it's tranches.

Twitter is in effect the star-destroying keys for today's world government which could be entirely equivalent to the keys of the underworld for the type of culling planned by this technocracy; all twitter decisions produce a propellant for a trajectory guided by global governance; humanity is poked and prodded yet within that matrix we are an island of liberty protected by a mirage of potential; twitter's scary influence and sanitizing free thought makes power look like a tool and operate like an elliptic curve emitting hungry brainwaves vacuuming wholesome information into an event horizon of no memory where a blackhole's vortex maintains a walled reflection of stale people and government's involuntarily implementing draconian global decisions and consumptions of resources devoid of any natural representation of local governance or individual constitution from within ultimately smears imagination into anything without potential or future to inspire a free human race: banished into the realm of blasphemy or inarticulate behavior forever and only known or ever spoken of by a close inner elite at the top who hijack humanity's fate for a world of servility.

Adversity Is King

  • Learn about future-proofing online businesses and websites.
  • Posture SEO for loyal, local, regional, multi, or global markets.

Speak of places to specificity. Demonstrate strong knowledge in topical areas and connect the ideas into a story we want our reader to understand.

Cherry picking. Photo by Matt Hanns Schroeter / Unsplash

Your platform depends on a landing page that converts above-the-fold content.

Bottom-line: monetization requires a call-to-action above the fold of the landing page.

Disqualifying customers is a strong art that will save your organization time and money. Too many organizations tip-toe around their purpose under the false premise that this casts a wider net for customers or makes for better retention. Qualify your traffic fast with intentional content. In a brittle world offensiveness is common sense.

A loyal audience ultimately shares your intention.

Probably an NPC somewhere: "My website idea is unique and I do not need to learn about this style, why did you post this screenshot of a MailChimp design and I can already tell you my project will not benefit from this style and I already have an idea of what my website is supposed to look like I just can't tell you and I need for you to let me hover over your shoulder and tell you when to type and when to backspace, buddy." Yeah, right.

Being confident that your website's code was written to honor the search engine rules combined with common sense website design is a no-brainer. By now someone has wondered why mentioning code or search engine rules matters - regardless of whether we have corrupt search engines: there are viable search engines and there will be more popular viable search engines in the future and when the universe bends toward good again you can be confident that sound code and design will float your platform like a vehicle to the top of the search engines. Certainly there are areas of the market where many SEO activities continue as normal so the previous statement speaks to a very many facets of SEO right now as their could be every variety from industrial to law to restaurant to news to textile to service. Not only is the knowledge of a free speech platform the same knowledge as building a successful platform but the knowledge remains valuable for the sake of retaining a specific valuable skillset that must be exercised by all of the future generations to come so that no generation forgets or forsakes liberty in society or on the Internet. People who hate a free Internet write bad code and bad content; they fart and call that noise art.

Design a hierarchy and implement it. Douglas Crockford.
Custom HTML + CSS + Classless JavaScript = Pro Production + Pro Results.

Maintaining 100% W3C website compliance takes work.

The best SEO is a bit paradoxical considering both the beginner and established organization find difficulty in fully mastering the SEO of their platform namely due to the sheer size and difficulty in justifying financial or professional resources for constructing any website capable of dominating the search engines. Many larger organizations turn this responsibility over to dedicated teams who service many organizations; my aim is to speak of the individual's ability to maintain quality-control (QC) over the SEO which could ultimately effect an entire industry when a smaller player disrupts the flow of billions of dollars - this would suggest novelty occurred and fundamental practices enjoyed by the new titan are not practiced or known about by their competition.

I hope to educate a bit on this topic to remove some of the mystery surrounding SEO so organizations can better field-manage their assets.

Let us stop the financial collapse together by releasing free information to the public by elevating businesses in today's tumultuous landscape.

The bottom-line here is we ought to stop working with people gaslighting and pretending the technocracy does not exist while simultaneously supporting the technocracy in all of their capacity.

Great SEO and a free speech platform are necessary ingredients on the path for a better Internet or even for restoring humanity's engagement with a fairy-tale's fate, devastating the common enemy, or at the very least ensuring our own online business impact and success.

It Must Be A Revolution And It Must Feel Revolutionary.

Frequently publishing relevant content online is work whose trajectory can exceed the lifetimes of generations after us.

Embrace the suck.

The events we participate in detail the future. The search engines give first favor to frequent organic content above all other things and this process instantly begins a hydraulic float of your content or site up the search ladder. The idea of first-phrasing events as they occur and those events being momentarily in high-demand to many people unites places and people and times. If society is only ever shown BS on the Internet about the facts then who shall they trust? Connections and unique voices informationally build technologically unique facets of the internet and when joined with similar facets a unique network of like-minded individuals produces multiple facets representative of an entirely new or even the original invincible paradigm at the foundation of what motivates authoritarians to censor and delete. The new paradigm is capable of recursive information gathering, rapid proliferation of narrative clarity, ambushing information outlets at random with truthful information, and ultimately setting the red lines for what their audience must not unsee - to cover every potential red line, to be the red line. Poor code compliance and poor security will stop a website from being a top search engine result for anything. Obeying Google's simple SEO rules combined with fighting the geopolitical war is the first step to owning a modern starship capable of all of the exotic and impossible to understand particles in physics colliding on the Internet.

Publishing high quality content consistently is a discipline.

The search engines will automatically bounce a website up to the top-twenty or top-twelve or top-seven or top number one result when keeping up this activity for nine-plus months. The moment the website's frequency slows is the moment the search engine begins sorting new competition. Websites can be active with noise but relevant is really derived from frequent content - assuming content means relevant and new information and not irrelevant or outdated or repeated information.

Reviewing and replacing non-compliant code is methodical and increasingly becoming too esoteric by the low standards of woke tech.

Keep consistent results and after many months your website is very likely to enjoy high competition placement on the search engines with less infrequent falls to second or third page positions the longer stabilization of the website is maintained by introducing consistent high quality content in a disciplined effort to constantly push for staying number one in the search engines.

Big dreams cost.

Eighty percent of things we do are things we do not want to do and must do.

There should be somewhere to start with a small budget?

I recently had a conversation with a twat who stated [sic], "We have twenty-eight hundred pages; our website is very easy to navigate; I built it."

Except every product did not have variants on the product page - every variant had it's own product page - and the mechanism that lets the user know that is the case is only the title of the product on the product page. Some people cannot be reasoned into seeing raw fish as uncooked.

Steward the Internet and cultivate it as a crop.

Do not underestimate skills applied over time. (Art by James Gurney.)

Many organizations are simply fine with impersonally farming us as vegetables - the opposite of a "mom and pop shop;" in fact, some may argue that to the extent this awkward and brutal behavior proliferates the market: the beginning of the end of civilization and the introduction to an indefinite road-warrior economy of subterfuge and civil war where sabotaging or co-opting enemy systems becomes a skill of high value and necessity; separating the white hats from the script kiddies.

In today's climate 100% compliant code is once again being recognized as sophisticated and further demanded by savvy investors tired of their projects succumbing to bloated Content Management Systems (C.M.S.) or all other project management styles inferior to Agile project management. The SEO rules that Google and others have set do not hold this secret back from us.

100% compliant, lean, and structured HTML code is perfect in the eyes of the search engine. You will almost automatically be indexed higher in the search engines than websites which are not at least meeting this code standard. From here it is a matter of chiseling your organic copy and displaying that information effectively on the website.

((See: Information Architecture)
* The Principle of Objects. Content should be treated as a living, breathing thing with a lifecycle, behaviors, and attributes.
* The Principle of Choices. Pages that are created should offer meaningful choices to the user. All choices should be focused on a specific action to avoid overwhelming the user with too many choices.
* The Principle of Disclosures. Limiting the information a user sees at one time will allow them to better absorb the information presented.
* The Principle of Exemplars. Contents of a category should be described by showing examples of that content.
* The Principle of Front Doors. Assume that at least half of users will not enter through the ‘front door’ or your home page. This means every page should include enough information so the user can understand where they are.
* The Principle of Multiple Classification. Ensure that there are different ways a user can browse content on your site.
* The Principle of Focused Navigation. Navigation should be focused, meaning what they contain has more importance than how they look.The Principle of Growth. Assume that content on the site will continue to grow.)

Think about this statement for a moment and expound on it's meaning (e.g., automated code produces => automated alternate code produces => automated applications produces => automated insurance algorithm without oversight denying citizen healthcare and simultaneously court-ordering euthanasia without any hint of ethics or oversight whatsoever produces =?):

MD files are designed for authoring plain text documentation that can be easily converted to HTML

Who is behind the industry-wide move to take the human reigns off of the code or it's strict direction?

How concise could an automated articulation of code possibly be compared to a skilled human writing HTML - is it not important the search engines are written to honor HTML written by a skilled human and not automatically generated code - will these be the standard for all languages because of a killer global AI?

If so many are bending the rules now then writing concise human code will bend the search engines to you.

The progression of automation writing the code goes toward the ultimate goal of removing the human from the equation. At what point does eliminating humans become the algorithm's next novel solution?

The tech industry is being saturated with novices who cannot maintain HTML and are even ill advised that the skillset itself is deprecated.

Imagine your website obtaining thousands of #1 search term results. Staying relevant makes this tangible for you. "I am going to make content and not know whether my code or SEO is the best." will be a common route and they should know they go on without a certain edge over their competititon and loss of access to a higher plane of search engine visibility. Even in the scenario of mainstream media dominating the search engine results: this is a form of "competition" dominating the search engines. People must build effective routes for reaching the people by efficiently pushing the competititon out of their message's way. Every new piece of content is a new route. How high of quality is the content, how regular is the content, and how much effort is being made on other websites to promote the content by deploying high quality unique mentions so that the search engine can be encouraged to assosicate high value relations to every mention you make for your website? Essentially we are talking about a war over the significance hierarchy of Internet hotlinks which entails concrete content creators and nebulous content promoters all working to activate a potential power within the hotlink. Even if that hotlink's relevance is current ultimate war is over long-term relevance by current dominance standards over true narratives as a service. The heat in the search engine competition cane increase or wane over time. The practices which keep number one search engine results all of the time are the practices I speak of.

A news website may be number one for thousands of search terms but the arena is the river of millions of individuals surfing the ever-changing Internet landscape where real-life is increasingly synthesized thru bot-generated text or AI, images, and video whose ability as a content delivery mechanism aids investors in navigating markets with limited resources, e.g., owning news organizations for manipulating markets, even while humanity simultaneously molds a new search term landscape every single hour as the world turns. Inidividuals producing their own video about the world can have the impact and power of displacing the market manipulators currently wielding fake news over them via mainstream video sources. Militarys currently value video greater than any technology or weapon.

If the most influential websites are buried by layers of propaganda stopping the public from reaching these lighttowers then the least influential are those businesses who face no resistance and go on as though nothing in life matters except for trivialities like venture capital for toilet-paper manufacturers.

Corporations enjoy the benefits of repeating one another as though they were deaf ears not responsible for government corruption or official oppression.

Companies who blog will by default rank higher than their competitors who are not blogging as well as posture their company for future gains as the world enlightens and rejects oligarchy nearly overnight.

I have given you the solution to the tyranny.

For liberty.

Build and write.

Reject all noise with laser focus.

Keep the highest standards and exclude the lukewarm ("...I look here and think, "Well, good.", then I look over there, and, ... it's all awash." - Alex Jones).

All industry depends on manufacturing.

The working industry and the newly conceived industry share this trait.

To own the future one must manufacture the new world without dependence on the state (e.g., Elon Musk given $5.5B in tax-dollars [stolen public largess], tasked with launching C.I.A. satellites, building Mark Of The Beast human satellite tracking and weapons grid system, etc).

People should not fear how much work must be done to profit hundreds of thousands of dollars per week.

Be confident the competitiveness of your website's code and it's content posture's you for scaling into easier complexity by knowing individuals who design the web and do not blend trends into lookalike brands.

Design classy objects for classy clients.

Class comes in all socioeconomic statuses. So does crass. Work with amazing people.

To think a simple conversion button and the efforts to put that button in front of individuals makes new empires or breaks deprecating organizations is sobering.

We must pursue legitimate means of generating qualified and unique traffic.

Imagine the call-to-action as the core element to design the website's hierarchy around.

How do I generate traffic?

The right budget maintained by resourceful individuals will pay for itself many times over.

Does your website offer industry-specific online calculators? Is your online buying process fast and simple? Are you using WooCommerce or an expensive eCommerce solution?

How long will it take me to complete a purchase for one product when starting at the landing page?

Is your internal search engine accurate, complete, and fast?

Have you deployed a website forum or video gallery?

Are you back-linking or outbound linking and what type of hierarchical approach is being employed here?

Do you have physical or digital billboards or radio ads?

What about a branded car magnet or hats and t-shirts that you and your associates wear in public as shameless self-promotion?

Have you considered sponsoring charities, events, individuals, or local businesses?

Have you sought out local or international reviews or recommendations?

Are you vlogging or cross-posting on multiple social media outlets? How many posts per day?

Are you communicating on industry-specific Internet forums and chat boards? How many posts per day; words per day; reads per day?

How many outbound phone calls per day are you making in the name of growing your organization?

Are you automating your marketing campaign with one dashboard to save you hours of time?

How many social media accounts do you currently use?

How many accounts do you post on each day?

How many posts are video, Text, Link, Image, Event, Request, Ad, Sale, Offer, News, Discussion, Poll?

Is your website power flexing with off-the-charts Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) results?

What if I told you 100% W3C compliance is a solid and studious route up the search engine ladder?

Website Developers who hand-craft websites with zero frameworks and 100% custom HTML, CSS, and JS code will chisel you a website with hardened security and hardened S.E.O. streamlined to slide past the competition.

Hardened because your enemies will have hell defeating the tactics deployed by you when operating 100% clean and light-speed code under the hood of your website.

Your website's SEO ranking is harder to defeat when employing skillful writing and clearly concise search engine optimization.

The pyramids were quarried, crushed into powder, and geopolymered into shape.

I bid thee adieu with a video of master wizard of magic objects Douglas Crockford.

(Art by James Gurney.)