Design Credibility In 2023

What is it in a website design that lends a brand more credibility over another? How much of a website design has it's potential limited by advertising dollars? What do users really care about? Should users be subject to psychological warfare on The Internet?

Design Credibility In 2023

The idea of official government sanctions being the acting foreign-aid for merging applications and code into one super-language is morally repugnant.

A Device by definition is not a Vice.

We already see this happening as though alternate routes to that final destination are actively pursued by a wide consortium of well-financed and philosophically-aligned NGO's. Initially when I thought about CSS implementing JavaScript-esque animations or HTML-insertion abilities I chalked it up as novices ruining a foundational aspect of website design by fixing something that is not broken. These similar infringements onto other tiers of computer language happens client-side and server-side as well and inevitably from within the hardware and Internet itself. It is quite dizzying to consider the implications of a biological neural lace atomically interfaced with every human being on earth or at least enough of them to be the whole body politic of the acting global government enforcing a globally authoritarian and medieval barbarism wrapped in technocracy. We know splitting an atom makes a big boom and we know wireless hacking of vehicles is a persistent issue so who would want to give someone the ability to press a button and split one of the one hundred trillion atoms found in each and every one of our body's forty trillion cells.

It is easy to limit one's thinking into the confines of the HTML wrappers and elate one's imagination with a constant stream of golden-key ratios and the most gravitating and levatating design. A global technocracy is an existential threat for society and technologists who aim to preserve the free speech Internet.

It was not enough that humanity was lumped onto a rock with hurdles like super-bugs and kleptocrats.

Yet here we are contesting the most advanced weapons systems mankind ever faced while the technocrats desire the same old-world, iron-fisted (authoritarian), rule where the gap of knowledge about technology's present state of achievement is blocked by the kleptocrats from ever reaching the public's frontal cortex and what is not achieved is humanity fully moving as one race of human minds excelling prolificly into the future together: overstepping battlelines and unlocking magnitudes of greater hurdles than would ever be allowed in the days of kleptocracy or could only be known by God before revealing to us a universally difficult test to overcome as one mankind facing one challenge only: to break chaos and complete the universe.

Somewhere inside of the makeup of this humanity-wide elevation or pursuit of happiness is the design fabric universally given to us by the universe as talents for demonstrating true energy. How could humanity possibly design the best products while hypnotized by an authoritarian system of mass-mind control; especially when these rats obtain a super-app ultimately controlling every aspect of humanity's event horizons – ultimately being responsible for synthesizing false ideas into where humanity casually and typically otherwise generate a free society with the look and feel of utopia in comparison to the daft tainting of human waters today provided by the technocracy.

Yet even in the technocracy there exists a hostile and opinionated hierarchy of design credibility entirely dependent on oligarchy's proliferation throughout society. The communists popularized brutal architecture to illustrate their cold authoritarian lives devoid of any real happiness, prosperity, or wealth and certainly not civil liberties (do not be daft); little authoritarians who construct a nationwide tyranny for the common or greater good; [right] ... their society's physical symbols worship demise since demise is their inner-projection of celebrating authoritarianism.

Where is design credibility other than efficient usability, zero-sum security, and whose purpose solves the most problems for society. Internet spam such as adding sales funnel links hidden everywhere in the article [since it is not clear to the user that the link does not go to organic content about the linked topic in question] even causes users to distrust websites which hotlink text strictly for hotlinking to useful information. Whoever wants one mega super-app also want to destroy human language. Hotlinking vs hyperlinking? When did hot become hyper? What is causing the proliferation of cultural sabotage?

People should use modern servers who protect free speech with modern security standards and modern website frameworks unless they can afford the time for a completely hand-coded and custom web application (the best scenario for keeping the free speech Internet). When society finds itself sat firmly under a technocracy: somewhere in the code will be the state's injection of state code doing something without your permission and with authority to do and order things of legalese that no civil court would ever permit; and, the final effect achieved by the threat of a government firing squad; think: to include code that instantiates what we build as an application given some type of state authority for overwriting capacity of our web application and life; this means violating privacy at the least or deleting wrong-think at the most and even at this end the state deleting information is an enormous gap between ending the life of an individual yet society beckons for the next one to one hundred escalation.

The Adidas brand is huge. As a team of social engineers Adidas is consistently and financially able to turn a profit, funny how Twitter never did that but the money rolled in from somewhere, but how could Adidas not do as they do given their overhead view of servicing our world's deepest pockets by furnishing a sports brand with celebrities and tokenized fashion demoralization including changing the trends to control perceptions and rejuvenate the farming of the public's shallow interests ritual. Certainly when Adidas' gear is made by slaves – what a real cost eliminator and profit buffer; Adidas is leveraged by government to maintain a countervailing image of free society and I do mean owning global supply-chain manufacturing. Unironically: Adidas and other brands have decided that losing billions of dollars is strategically advantageous for them which also begs the question of where financing decisions ultimately come from [beyond government] for these giants if their overhead decisions can include self-sabotage; perhaps the self-sabotage is some level of incompetence infecting the victims with unintelligent decision-making abilities; wishfully, this is the greatest problem; there is a global and centrally-controlled coordinated inter-agency intelligence effort to mass mind-control the public and history shows this is not wishful thinking, (and why would it be [wishful thinking]?), and is our true reality since the beginning of time.

Where do small or medium-sized brands pick up with no slack whatsoever being tossed their direction? First of all the world's top designers know how the world works and resist any influence to lobotomize free society; and, only from here can great design be made – we absolutely can not have great design with an authoritarian technocracy criminalizing our free speech or using advanced weapons systems to mute our free speech and cull society into a new way of thinking; a la: open-air reeducation camps where bodies are counted by how high the censorship tally stacks.

Imagine being eaten by a shark. Who is really fighting for this life as time drifts deeper? Design is the universe's internal religion; internal because humans can demonstrate it's effects and religious because the universe's design overcomes poverty and violence and something so great deserves to be known as a true religion. Somehow the message of liberty got sort of left-behind by the world and it's power remains stored-up like an infinity of atoms waiting to each be split. As individuals we must do what is true and that includes continuing to design for a future free world regardless of the trends which form against this very real source of compounding influence and overwhelming power. If the controllers aim to reeducate the public into not seeing then skilled designers teach the public how to see. How simple and effective a product is built will determine the type of people we become and the type of society which will become the future and hopefully we build the good future. Somewhere beyond this concept of design credibility is the implicit notion that the truth is credibility whether society forms barricades against it or not. What we design whether it is of the arts or of literature keeps a carrying capacity to interface and alter every aspect of society.

We are all E.T. phoning home now.

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