The Breath of God is Too Fresh for Twitter

Who is allowed to stay on Twitter versus who is banned from Twitter is not based on a TOS: the decision of what personality to keep and what personality to ban is an intelligence agency-based decision implemented by an algorithm whose statements were an intentional architectural decision and design.

The Breath of God is Too Fresh for Twitter

Who would even want to be a self-elected leader of an intentionally dumbed-down userbase? Not that the userbase became dumbed-down but that the userbase was dumb before they ever arrived and then Twitter so decided to keep them and kick-out the true illuminati of civilization into deleted silos of silence.

Genesis 3:9: But the Lord God called to the man, and said unto him, Where art thou?

And in 2023 the man responds and says, "Banned by Twitter and banks and multiple nations and marked for death on government hit-lists having been identified as disruptors of their shadow-budget."

The censures in effect admit where the battalions rest their blade upon our neck and where not to pursue refuge or free speech.

The intelligent and morally-driven people who would eventually become exiled from Twitter specifically due to the fact that when viewing Twitter from the standpoint of Twitter being a psychological warfare system it becomes obviously clear that certain strata of intelligentsia are marked for permanent deletion – not only from Twitter – but by the very idea of society somehow openly accepting shadow-budgets as their society's preferred decision-maker and exile court expediting the removal of our society's best archetypes. These unpersoning decisions make it very clear that a corporate fascist power-play is making a sadistic psychological military mission maneuver to invert law against the public in the form of an officially undeclared and silent war against a target group: a strata of people consciously higher in frequency or "altitude" more than the audience being given military war-powers over society in a Great supplantation against America's original governing archetypes and documents who do not answer to any government nor can we [the people] have our liberty lawfully nullified.

Very concretely: man remains capable of hand-writing html, css, javascript, and the articulated truth thereby being capable of recarving the Internet's real geopolitical landscape – absolutely ungoverned by any echo-chamber's decree – we shall be freely networked to the greater whole that is the Internet and our effects will not be contained by any establishment echo-chambr or otherwise elite consortiums of thieves and warmongers and robber barons inherently opposed to men of liberty freely governing their self and owing no government any scant pittance for the breaths we take.

Twitter forms a bubble of seem-same archetypes who, by scientific magnitude, do not individually demonstrate the knowledge of, and cannot stand or speak upright with enough plenty, articulating the duties of a free people gloriied by their own individual witnessing of the event-horizon of human intelligence by the knowledge and action they demonstrate as though their swift actions were in concurrency with the what the waves of the universe would have our flow tuned into and according to it's miracles and powers and not our own mind's power.

Twitter's entire purpose is to keep the freshest libery ideas off of the tongue of the human race and therefore banned when mentioned by any user. Twitter as an advanced technology is weaponized against the public's best interest. I am not certain how we are to reach the human race more widely without the echo of one's voice finding the right individuals or audience.

From Stainless Steel to Wrought Iron

Twitter is a Military-Weapon Designed to Wilt People Into Stupid and Dumbed-Down Versions of Their Self Incapable of Thinking in Higher Authorities or Capacity.

The rock-band Staind famously sang the song, "I'm on the outside and I'm looking in." This is the environment and our reality that the shadow-budgets have influenced upon our society in a design to build a future totalitarian technocratic kleptocracy and anyone who associates with free people will be forced underground; literally; and: exactly how does censorship continue to cause poverty and uncertainty on a grand scale such that the essence of society is replaced with a feeling of vacancy and worthlessness from the bottom and thru the top as a typical classist and naive public.

Ultimately this is a war over the heights of human intelligence. Evil believes it's height is so great it can rule with impunity. Ultimately conveying these concepts is a threat to this weak establishment. Americans are rugged individualists and not slaves to anyone.

While I was dominating Twitter's algorithm they identified me as someone who united all parties in a powerful super-conductor type of way; placing me next to names like Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald. My net-reach over the course of my Twitter influence reached a network of more than one billion people in a very real and time-sensitive capacity; delivering a substantive blow to the establishment which brought on a sensational wave of wins for liberty. There is this higher frequency of coordinate or incoordinate or symmetrical or dissonant happenings at this higher-plane that the elite want to monitor or record smooth consciousness and promote communism and all of it's jagged noise incongruent with liberty, and be the overlords of human consciousness' trajectory in order to limit the exponential expansion of human consciousness as though the expansion were bad and not the wardens of this present realm of suck.

The future of will add bonus content in the form of paid content which will include small documentaries made by me, interviews, and podcasts, and most importantly I need readers because we have the power now to damage the establishment by setting the tone for a free society and stopping the dissonant destruction used as a mesmerization device for stupefying the public and inspiring economic collapse and intentional extinction.